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Lehrstuhl für Struktur- und Funktionskeramik

ESIS TC6 Reference Material Testing Program

Since more than twenty years high strength silicon nitride ceramics for structural applications have been developed. During this period several successful demonstrations of the general suitability of silicon nitride ceramics for structural applications, e.g. as material for turbo charger rotors, were achieved as well as examples for material related design. Nevertheless a break-through in the use of these materials for high strength applications did not take place. The most important reason for this can be found in a significant lack of design relevant data, e.g. on crack growth and fatigue.


15 European institutions involved in ceramics research

In a joint European research program organised by the European Structural Integrity Society (ESIS) a complete set of material properties and data indispensable for design will be measured for a commercially available silicon nitride ceramic. The data set will comprise all relevant strength and crack extension parameters, cyclic fatigue data at ambient and also at elevated temperatures. Data correlated to contact mechanical problems and wear will also be determined.

It is expected, that this program will

  • result in a complete data base for mecahnical design,
  • enhance the use of silicon nitride ceramics in structural applications,
  • make a fair comparison between alternative materials possible,
  • give a base line for further material development
  • and will produce synergistic effects in future research work in this class of materials.