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Lehrstuhl für Struktur- und Funktionskeramik

Constitutive law for piezoelectric materials (Piezo)

The present project is a two-year extension of the previous COMET A7.7 project, during which a fully electro-mechanically coupled 3D FEM tool has been developed exceeding the state of the art due to new approaches. In the new COMET projekt A7.9 the existing model will be validated with innovative electro-mechanical measurements on selected geometries (homogeneous and inhomogeneous/multiaxial). A non-contact technique (Digital Image Correlation, “DIC”) will be used to optically measure local strain distributions. Raman spectroscopy will be also employed to locally measure domain orientation/texture in dependence of electro-mechanical loading parameters. The experimental results of these case studies will be compared with the results of calculations using the already developed model, thus building a “proved correct” design tool to evaluate critical loadings in piezoceramic components. 


Dr. Marco Deluca